Poll: Do You Want to See a Craig/Loftus Debate?

Okay, Okay, I'm putting some pressure on Bill to debate me. Why not? I've put up a poll question about this to the right. Comment below as you wish. Here are the results:

Want to See a Craig/Loftus Debate?

Yes, to see a student debate his former professor 132 (35%)

Yes, in order for John to be introduced to Craig's fan base 49 (12%)

Yes, I enjoy debates 107 (28%)

No, I don't care for debates 26 (6%)

No, I wouldn't want to watch John get trashed because I care for him whereas I don't care about the other atheists who got trashed by Craig 15 (3%)

No, Craig should not introduce John to his fan base even though he has no qualms about doing this with other atheist debaters 2 (0%)

No, although John has 3 master's degrees, Ph.D. work, considered by many to be "a leading atheist spokesperson" with some critically acclaimed books, he's not qualified 16 (4%)

No, John needs more debate experience even though he has had, and arguably won, more debates than most atheists before debating Craig 24 (6%)

No, my views are not represented by either side in this debate 6 (1%)

I didn't want too many answers but I didn't want to leave any important ones out either.

My proposed debate topics include the truth of Christianity, the resurrection of Jesus, or the existence of God, but I prefer the first one.


Fil Salustri said...

No, because malevolent charlatans like Lane should at best ignored and at worst derided.
A debate implies a certain legitimacy to both sides of the question. There is no legitimacy to Lane's position.
Just my 2 cents.