Christianity: Where Emotions Rule and All the Rules of Logic Don't Apply

I think it can be demonstrated that when people are emotionally engaged they do not think or argue well at all. That's why it is said that "love is blind." Romantically involved couples do not see the faults in their lovers that others see. Likewise, when people are angry with someone there is literally nothing good that person can do. Emotions get in the way of sound reasoning. This can be seen everywhere we look. When people are experiencing a great amount of stress they are told not to make any important decisions. The reason is clear. Because they probably won't make good ones. When people have an emotional commitment to some sort of project they will continue pursuing it even after it has been shown to be a failure. That's why successful businesses need "new blood" with "new ideas" every so often.

I have argued that defending Christianity makes otherwise intelligent people look stupid. This is why. Christianity is where emotions rule and "all the rules of logic don't apply" (a reference to Bob Seger's song Chances Are). Believers think they have a personal relationship with Jesus. They are emotionally engaged in the same way as the examples above illustrate of the human condition. They cannot think or reason well at all.

Christians just cannot see this, I know. They will continue arguing despite what I've just pointed out. That's what we would expect. They will pull out an obviously fallacious argument in response. They will say atheists cannot reason well because we are emotionally engaged too. We hate God, ya see. We prefer to sin. Yada yada yada.

This "you too" kind of argument fails miserably but believers can't see it because they are emotionally engaged. The reason it fails is that there are too many "you's" to "too." Believers would have to say this about anyone who disagrees with them, not just atheists. If they are evangelicals (my target audience) this "you tooing" has to apply to moderates and liberals within their own faith. If they oppose Catholicism, this has to apply to Catholics too, and vice versa. And it applies to all other "hell-bound" sects and religions. Again for emphasis, there are too many "you's" to "too."

Believers in these other "hell-bound" religions argue the same way against Christians. That's the amazing thing; the predictable thing. Muslims will claim Christians hate Allah, that they love to sin rather than follow the Koran. Yada yada yada.

Atheists, however, do not single evangelical Christianity out for rejection. Therefore it cannot be said we hate the evangelical God or that we don't want to obey the evangelical God's commands. Nor do we single out for rejection any other God, god, or goddesses for rejection. We merely think none of these religions with their various gods and commands have any more warrant for them than others, since they are all based upon faith. When faith rules it follows that all the rules of logic don't apply. Faith does to logic the same thing that romantic love or anger does to people. It makes emotions rule.

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