"Here it Comes" I'm Done With My Revised Book Files

This clip from "The Wrath of Khan" expresses my thoughts as I ponder the impact of my revised book, Why I Became an Atheist, which I am now officially done editing.

No violence is intended here at all. It's purely metaphorical and a bit humorous even though we do battle with ideas. ;-)

It's rare when an atheist book makes it into a second edition, but mine did. It's better said and better argued, weighing in at 540 lbs (er, pages). In a few cases I've even changed my mind (don't ask). It's my magnum opus. It should be available by the end of March. Soon there will a link to it on the various online bookstores. Yes, there will be a Kindle version eventually, but when I cannot say. If you have the first Prometheus Books (PB) edition I think you will want this one since it is my last edition. I won't do this again. It's now good enough. I'm told they will be marketing it as a new book. PB is the premier atheist publisher of our generation and I'm happy to be a PB author. PB tells me they don't let their books go out of print so that's encouraging.

Christians will want to consider how best to deal with it, so here are some possibilities, or they can nitpick at it again.