Biola University is “fundamentally at odds with the entire direction of modern biology.”

This spring semester the Center for Christian Thought opens at California’s Biola University. The center is the result of a $3 million John Templeton Foundation Award. But based on the doctrinal statement of Biola, this sectarian institution is "fundamentally at odds with the entire direction of modern biology,” so notes Thomas Albert Howard and Karl W. Giberson. Why? Because "Common ancestry today is, quite simply, as well-established in biology as the motion of the earth about the sun is in astronomy. To attempt to exclude faculty who might hold this view is tantamount to closing one's eyes in the face of an encyclopedia of genetic information." Link. Their Apologetics Faculty includes:

Craig J. Hazen

John A. Bloom

William Lane Craig

Alan W. Gomes

Gary R. Habermas

Clay Jones

J. P. Moreland

Scott B. Rae

John Mark Reynolds

Kenneth Samples

Regular Visiting Lecturers

R. Douglas Geivett

Greg Koukl

Mark Mittelberg

Lee Strobel

Recent Visiting Lecturers

Phillip E. Johnson

Alvin Plantinga

Ron Rhodes

Dallas Willard

Who would want to teach for a backward school like this?
Who would want to attend a backward school like this?

Not me. I would want a real education. This is not an education. This is indoctrination even at a higher level than others.