Dr. James East Recommends WIBA

I'm always gratified to know that what I write helps. I sure would like to see my book get a bigger audience simply because I'm passionate about changing the religious landscape. Dr. James East recommends my book, Why I Became an Atheist:

With permission off Facebook:
I had identified William Lane Craig as one of the key figures on the theistic side - if not THE key figure: the man whose ideas needed to be addressed. With a background in pure mathematics (I'm a lecturer at an Australian university), it wasn't too difficult to understand and see through his arguments, which all boil down to a (sometimes freakishly clever) sleight of hand at some key step. His treatment of mathematical concepts such as infinity is especially embarrassing (much of my work involves the intricacies of infinite set theory), and words like "maximal" are thrown around with reckless abandon. I've also made a video on his appalling use of Bayes' Theorem. [Edit: Watch the video right here.]

But I had also found Craig's critics to be somewhat lacking in their counter-arguments. I always found myself thinking "why didn't they say ..... ?" I had started to feel like I was going to have to write a book of my own! But the other day I started reading your book, and I am just so overjoyed that you wrote it. It is exactly the kind of book I would have wanted to write. In fact, it's a lot better than anything I could have written, because you have not only the intelligence to understand and pull down his arguments in a rigorous philosophical manner, but also the extensive knowledge of the scholarly work on the subject. You ask the right questions, and are able to pinpoint the exact place where the argument is balancing on thin air, and it is a delight to see you routinely zoom in on these weak points. Occasionally I am thrilled to see an idea I had discovered on my own, but there are far more brilliant insights that I had not thought of.

From now on, this will be the book I recommend to all people interested in this topic - from my atheist friends, to my enquiring/doubting Christian friends, to those poor misguided souls who seem to think they can re-save me by defending God's right to routinely instruct people to kill children and rape young girls.
Wait till Dr. East gets a look at the revised edition soon to come out! ;-)