On Being Passionately Self-Promoting in an Oddly Humble Way

Since David Marshall describes me as "being passionately self-promoting in an oddly humble way," I thought I wouldn't disappoint him by doing it again. ;-) One thing I've noticed is that people are reading my anthologies The Christian Delusion (TCD) and The End of Christianity (TEC) more than my magnum opus Why I Became an Atheist (WIBA), probably because of the wonderful blurbs and contributors. So to help remedy this let me offer just three blurbs about WIBA:


“Doubting Christians . . . will find this book a juggernaut. . . . If you seek an encyclopedic compendium of arguments against almost any imaginable defense of the Christian faith, this is your book.”

—Tom Flynn, editor of Free Inquiry.


“Loftus’s book addresses almost every conceivable argument for evangelical Christianity in extraordinary and sobering detail. I doubt any honest, rational, informed evangelical can remain in the fold after reading this book. Even though any Christian could pick at bits, the overall force of his case is invincibly fatal.”

—Richard Carrier, author of "Sense and Goodness without God"


"I have never read a book that presents such a massive and systematic refutation of the claims of Christianity, and I have seldom read a book that marshals evidence (from such a wide variety of disciplines) and documents its claims in such painstaking detail."

—John Beversluis, author of "C.S. Lewis and the Search for Rational Religion"


Hey, I'm not saying these things. They are! And they've said them about the first edition. Just think what they would say about the recently published second edition I linked to above, which has undergone a massive revision with an additional 110 pages. Maybe perhaps, just perhaps, you ought to get it and see for yourself. ;-)