On Taking the Outsider Test for Faith (OTF)

On the one hand we have Christians who reject the OTF as unfair or faulty in some way, while on the other hand we have Christians claiming to embrace it who go on to say their faith passes the test. Why can't they agree? I suspect philosophically minded believers instinctively realize their faith won't pass the test so they try to find fault with it. And I suspect more ignorant believers will think their particular Christian sect passes the test. I've argued against the former group that they fail to understand what it is. And I've argued against the latter group that they don't really understand what it demands of them. See my counter-arguments by following this link to two additional ones.

In either case, whether you think the OTF is unfair, or whether you think your faith stands up to the OTF, you should get and read through my extensively revised book, Why I Became an Atheist. Read it to see if your faith is correct. It's available for purchase on Amazon as of today. See for yourself why so many people on both sides of our debates recommend it so highly. I tell people that if they've read the first edition and liked it they will love this massive revision. Prometheus Books is treating it as a new book, coming in at about 110 more pages with a new outline, better written arguments, and many chapters extensively re-written. It's head over heels better than the first edition. It's clearly my best book, my magnum opus. If you've read The Christian Delusion and The End of Christianity and haven't read this one then you haven't seen anything by comparison from me yet. ;-)