Christian Apologists Are Just Plain Dumb

Dr. Michael Licona argues against the claim that accepting the resurrection of Jesus is a matter of faith in this short video. What is dumb, absolutely dumb about his explanation? It's that he automatically contrasts what he thinks with metaphysical naturalism, that's what. He doesn't contrast what he thinks with the liberal Jesus who arose spiritually, or the Jewish or Muslim denials. Scientologists deny the resurrection as do spiritualists, deists, and process theologians. But no, he thinks accepting the resurrection doesn't involve faith because he thinks science is based on faith. Such utter nonsense this is. If it's not a matter of faith then why do scientists agree so much and religionists disagree about a wide number of issues? A fact is a fact you see. If it's not a fact, then it has to be accepted by an irrational leap over the probabilities, that is, by faith. Sheesh.