Chris Hallquist Asks For Input On His New Book

I just wanted to let you know that I'm working on another book, and finally have a plan that may lead to finishing the damn thing. I'm in the process of working the material I have into coherent drafts of chapters, which as I write them get published via my blog. Here are the first two installments:

Introduction: The one book that will convince you Christianity is false

Chapter 1: Don't Panic!: On Finding Atheism Unfamiliar and Scary

If you could link to this, it would be greatly appreciated, because I'm trying to get as many comments as possible on the drafts, and hopefully even build excitement about the book. Also, I found your post with the long quote from Bruce Gerencser, which you posted last week, very interesting, and I wouldn't mind some advice on "approach" from him. If you can get him--or anyone else--to read and comment on the drafts it would be greatly appreciated.
My response:
I read your intro and first chapter. My thoughts on the Intro are that as an intro you are introducing what readers can expect to find in the rest of the book. So I was expecting that in chapter one you would take me through the Bible, showing why the Bible leads to atheism. But that's not what I found. I also noticed that in the intro you were writing to Christians, but in chapter one you were also writing to atheists. You probably need to pick and stick to your intended audience. Who is it? One thing you're doing well is writing in a conversational, non-technical tone though, and that's needed. I cannot seem to do that very well since I know the objections all too well. You do too, but that kind of book on that level is very much needed.