A Decent Review of My Revised Book, WIBA

Several people have told me they plan on reviewing my revised and expanded book, Why I Became an Atheist, and comparing it to the first edition. I've been waiting. Until then here's one:
the best popular level atheist book:

John's massively revised book surpasses the original in just about every way (the original was very good, so this is saying something). The sections on explaining faith, the cumulative method, and the reasons why theists reject the classical arguments for god greatly surpass anything in Hitchens, Dawkins, or Harris. Like in the first edition, he also does an excellent job explaining the way apologists use worldview and how his Outsider Test plays into this. On top of these more academic investigations, John explores the Bible (both Old and New Testament) and the historical Jesus. These will probably be more helpful in a casual level discussion of these issues.

If one seeks a good introduction to the arguments and nuances of "the God debates", this book is probably the best starting point because it goes over all of the relevant material but is not as technical as something like JL Mackie's classic The Miracle of Theism. Link.
I'm flattered and humbled of course. I've wondered if Richard Dawkins doesn't recommend it because of these kinds of blurbs. Who knows? But I don't say these kinds of things. Others do. So it's not my fault. ;-)