Welcome to the World of Christianity

As a Christian, you are now following THE supreme God who created the universe. Here are the absolute truths that make your God special:

A. Your God is omnipotent (Having unlimited power and authority). B. Your God is omnipresent (He is present everywhere). C. Your God is omniscient (Having total knowledge). D. Your God commands billions of angels of which just one could destroy the world. As a Christian, you are now part of a large and diverse group totaling over 2.2 billion members that has a yearly worldwide budget totaling approximately one half of a trillion dollars. However! On the other side is God’s arch enemy and now your enemy too: Satan. Satan leads a small army of fallen angels (called demons). A. Satan has limited power (Only what little control God gives him). B. Satan has no earthly members (Just a few "Dabblers"). C. And most of all, Satan has no budget because he has no income from tithes and offerings. BUT YET: According to God's own word the Bible - especially the Book of Revelation; God with all the above supreme attributes is now actually losing a battle He created by putting the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden and by casting Satan and his demons out of Heaven to earth. Moreover, God has even sacrificed His only begotten Son – Jesus - to defeat Satan and sin. At the end of the age, all of humanity will one day stand before your God at the Great White Throne Judgment to give an account of their lives. If they are non-Christians, then they must tell this all knowing God exactly why they as simple mortal sinful creatures with limited understandings screwed up; after which they will be cast into a Lake of Fire whose smoke rises forever all eternity to fry in torment forever. HOW ARE WE TO MAKE SENSE OF ALL OF THE ABOVE? It's a Divine Mystery (A theological term coined by the Catholic Church).

Below is the response to this 2006 post here and the supposedly refutation by the TRIABLOGGERS Christian apologetic blog: "It's amazing how many unbiblical assumptions these apostates are able to cram into the Biblical narrative. You see, these apostates love to fluctuate in and out of internal critiques. They'll do a post like this one where they appear to be taking Biblical data into account (consider the "statistics" that were cited), but then they'll push aside everything the Bible says about the subject only to insert their own atheistic presuppositions. But of course the Bible disagrees with atheistic assumptions!"
Harry McCall