Who Says Our Efforts Aren't Worth it?

Here's another email I received that says otherwise:
Thank you?

I'm sure you get lots of these emails (I see you post about them on your blog every now and then).

My story: Grew up nominal Catholic. Started actual reading and fell in love with the Bible in eighth grade. Had a born again experience with an Evangelical Christian group at my college my freshman year. Then two years later, I sort of got into apologetics and started coming up with a LOT of questions about Christianity that I assumed I would find the answer for, after all I believed God provides. Someone on a multi-faith online forum recommended a book called The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails.I read that in April 2011. While it didn't convince me to leave the faith at the time, it got me thinking about a lot more things and opened up a lot of questions. I then went into a frenzy of reading books arguing for and against Christianity (Mike Licona, WLC, Gary Habermas, Robert Price, Dan Barker the main ones) and officially declared myself no longer a Christian in October 2011 (6 months after first reading TCD).

Losing faith was very traumatic to me. I've been depressed for the last eight months (although there are signs that I'm finally coming out of it). I've lost a lot of depth to friendships that I used to have. And the loneliest part is having this wealth of knowledge and no one caring at all about it. It does nothing for me to tell the Christians I know that their faith makes no sense, because they don't believe because "it makes sense". They believe for personal reasons that no evidence can touch. It amazes me how much they discuss and study the Bible without studying whether or not the book is actually the word of god that they should base their lives around. It's become clear to me that no one wants to know what makes someone who used to believe eternal torment awaits those who reject Jesus went and rejected Jesus as the son of god. A couple have sent me apologetic videos on youtube. I watch them and reply with my comments. No response. When I "come out" as an atheist, they ask me why, and I'll give them an example or two from the Bible and they say "that's interesting" and never bring it up again. At this point I would much rather wish I believed in a delusion that makes me happier rather than face the tough realities of life.

Anyway, there are Christians who are more committed to the truth rather than their god (although they are quite few). I was one of them.