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This is the index of posts from April to June 2012. It is a work in progress, as it takes an inordinate amount of time to do. Hopefully, after a while, the whole backlog of DC's catalogue, so to speak, will be much easier to peruse.

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How To Self-Destruct As a Movement
King David and Jesus: The Bible’s Mythic Super Heroes
The Contradictory And Chaotic Gospel Lies Used to Prove the Resurrection
William Lane Craig and the Kalam Cosmological Argument (#1)
A Response to Justin Griffith a Freethought Blogger
What is the Mission Statement of Freethought Blogs (FtB)?
Elaine Pagels’ The Book of Revelation
Jesus the Homosexual: Evidence From the Gospels
How are we doing and what do you want?
hy Christianity has Contributed to the Development of the Porn Industry
Why was Jesus' tomb not venerated?
Paul Kurtz On Why Eupraxsophy Matters
My New Secular Student Alliance Speakers Bureau Page
Are the Differences Between the Christianities Insignificant?
Matthew and the guards at the tomb
In Defense of DJ Grothe
This is wrong on so many levels
God loves abortion!
The Ledge - why aren't there more atheistic films?
Providence Road Baptist Church, N.C. Pastor Charles Worley’s Sermon on Gays and Lesbians
Yahweh is Proven to be a Pernicious, Lofty, and Fickle God
Who Says Our Efforts Aren't Worth it?
Christianity and homosexuality - the inconsistencies of a Christian
Bible Believing Fundamentalist Dr. Peter Ruckman, PhD Lectures on the Bible
Hell (literally) makes no sense
I Have Been to Hell and Back, Literally!
Welcome to the World of Christianity
Evolution as part of a necessary mechanism (and putting Creationism to bed)
Jesus as a Jewish Religious Bigot
Why I HATE Christianity
Richard Carrier exposes New Testament problems
From a God in a Box to the Universal Sky God: Eternal Blessing and Suffering for All
God is a consequentialist part 2 - the Old Testament inconsistencies
Why John 3:16 is a Lie in Its Biblical Context
In Defense of the Non-Ethics of Christianity
God is a consequentialist
We are not the 'Center of all Things'
Bullshit! Case In Point, Joel Watts
Yahweh Condones Thievery--Well, Only in Certain Cases...;)
The Non-Ethics of Christianity
Why do normal people believe ridiculous things?
Okay, The Time Has Come, I'm Done
Articulett Responds To The Question of the Origins of the Universe
Why Do I Regularly Promote My Books?
The OTF is the Solution to Religious Diversity
Dr. Avalos lecturing in Los Angeles this Sunday
On Death, Part 1 and 2
Evolution Occurs Faster Than You Think
How Science Leads to Naturalism (At Least For Me)
Victor Stenger On Science and Religion
Are Skeptics Exclusivists? Apologist David Marshall Opines, "Yes." *Sigh*
Plantinga is Grossly Monumentally Massively Wrong
Occidental vs Oriental Ontological Arguments
Is Atheism a Religion?
CFI Charges Country Club with Religious Discrimination After Cancelled Dawkins Event
Richard Carrier's Talk On the Historicity of Jesus For the Freethought Festival
Dawkins Foundation: Innovating for a Secular World. A Call to Action by Sean Faircloth, Madison, WI
Chris Hallquist Asks For Input On His New Book
My Interview With the Freethinkers Hour
Why Evolution is True and Why Many People Still Don’t Believe It
This is the Funniest Video I Have Probably Seen...and Intelligently Done
God is Love (But He Is Also Just)
Again, What If Christians Went On Strike?
What Happens When Evangelicals Attract the Best and the Brightest? The Test Case of My Alma Mater, Lincoln Christian University
Ed Jones On a Viable Solution to the Jesus Puzzle
Dr. Randal Rauser Says I Came Up With a New Argument!
Schneier on Harris on Profiling
Quote of the Day, by Mike Aus
What Would Happen If Christians Went On Strike?
The TSA screws up again: makes mother fill up empty bottles of breast milk
Quote of the Day, by Walter ;-)
Jerry Coyne On Whether God Can Create Mutations
The Web's Best Videos on Evolution, Creationism, Atheism and More
The Bible's Buried Secrets: The Garden of Eden
Quote of the Day, by Professor James East
There Isn't Anything I Haven't Considered Before
Prayer: What Does The Science Say?
Old Yearbook Pictures When at Great Lakes Christian College
John Shook vs Sam Harris: He's "Wrong on Profiling, Wrong for America"
Dr. James East and Articulet on Prayer, the OTF, and Rejecting Religion
Ignorant Quote of the Day, by Keith R on Scientism
A New Meme, The Oblivious Christian Apologist
Quote of the Day, by Andreas Schueler on Matthew Flannagan
Apologists Are Made to be Stupid Because of Their Delusion
Skeptical Books On Jesus
Jerry Coyne Compares World Religions to Science
First Look At The Cover to "God or Godless"
Isn't God Good? Praise Jesus For This Kill
Former Pastor Turned Atheist Writes a Letter to the Skeptical Community
Sam Harris On Eyewitness Accounts of Miracles
Doctors Fight to Save the Life of a Six-Legged Baby
Analytic Thinking Promotes Religious Disbelief
On the Existence of Jesus, Again and Again
The Freethought Festival Was Fantastic!
The Christian Reaction to Jesus Mythicism
Biblical Scholar Thom Stark Weighs In On Richard Carrier
Bart D. Ehrman Responds to Richard Carrier *Sigh*
Did Jesus Exist? An All Out War Is Going On
One Reason Why the Angry Atheist Approach Doesn't Work
*Sigh* There are Just Too Many Ways to Be Christian
The Era of The Angry Atheist is Over!
Grief Best Explains The Resurrection Hypothesis
My Counterpart, Ibn Warraq on Islam
Professor Victor Reppert on Natural Theology
Where Was God When the Titanic Sank 100 Years Ago?
Dr. Hector Avalos vs Keith Darrel: "Is The Bible the Source of Absolute Moral Rules for Today?"
How To Destroy Natural Theology in One Fell Swoop
One Difference Between Science and Faith
The "Christian" God Hypothesis Vs Others
Is This Faith, Really?
Christian Apologists Are Just Plain Dumb
Why Do Christians Love Atheist Philosopher Thomas Nagel?
Explaining Faith So That Even David Marshall Can Understand ;-)
"Think Atheist" Interview About My Revised WIBA Book
Quote of the Day, By Yours Truly ;-)
Peter Boghossian, "Faith Based Belief Processes Are Unreliable"
The Final Outline of My Book On the Outsider Test for Faith
"The less evidence you have...the more faith you need"
Jonathan Pearce's Book "The Little Book of Unholy Questions"
On Easter 1973 I Became a Christian
Quote of the Day, by Sir_Russ
Statistics On the Decline of Religion in England
What Evidence Shows Us Atheism is Winning?
Answering Objections to the OTF
A List of Things Christians Have Been Against
Science Education is No Guarantee of Skepticism
Playing God: The Loving Psychopath
What is Faith/Belief? Can Believers Even Tell Us?
The Quest to Keep Jesus Relevant
"Do people with no faith have to take the test?"