PZ Myers and JW Loftus Compared

The reason I like Pharyngula is that PZ doesn't give a shit what the religious think except when they try to make their stupid ideas and actions affect those outside their sanctuary. Then, it's no-holds-barred ridicule.

The reason I like Debunking Christianity is that John Loftus does give a shit what the religious think. To a religious wacko that PZ would poke in the eye with a stick, John would give a big hug and show them how their lunacy could be cured.

While PZ assaults the beast from the outside, heaving at it every pejorative weapon from his well-stocked arsenal, John Loftus administers large doses of the only known antidote to the poison of religion: truth. Both approaches work, but the one Loftus uses quite likely has better prospects for the long run. To be sure lots of the religious tune PZ out, but under the right circumstances PZ's facts adorned with his truly entertaining litany of insults and expletives actually cause some believers to reconsider where they stand. John, on the other hand, knows what a lot of Christians believe and why they believe it, and his capacity to demonstrate in their own terms how and why their beliefs are not true infects the body of their faith like some sort of wasting disease. PZ hands out his share of lumps and an abrasion or two, but John delivers something more systemic, more septic, and more likely to be fatal.

--by Sir Russ, Link.