“Without God and the Bible, Atheists Have No Morals!”

Upstate Pastor Charged in Prostitution Sting The pastor at an Upstate S.C. church has been charged in a prostitution sting, according to the Greenville County Sheriff's Office. Michael Wolfe., senior pastor at Advent United Methodist Church, was arrested on June 1 and charged with prostitution first offense. A parishioner told WYFF that on Sunday, Wolfe addressed the congregation and said he would not be preaching for a while. He said that he stopped to help someone and was naive and stupid got caught in something. He assured the congregation he felt he would be vindicated. Wolfe declined WYFF's request for an interview. Laura Campbell with the Greenville County Sheriff's Office said 48 people were arrested in weekend prostitution stings. According to the church's website, Wolfe, who is married, also taught religion at the University of South Carolina, Spartanburg Methodist College, Erskine Seminary and most recently, Greenville Technical College. Deputies made 34 additional arrests for prostitution or loitering to engage over the two day period.

The List of Christian Leaders Who Get Their Moral Guidance from God and the Bible Continues:

Alabama Baptist Pastor Mark Allen Green ., 41, arrested, for sexual abuse of a child, turns out to be a "career criminal". "An Alabama Baptist church fired its new pastor after his recent arrest on sexual abuse charges in Texas, but it isn’t the pastor’s first time in jail . " Apparently it's TWO charges, and "church members began arguing and shouting after the news of Green's arrest".

California Christian Methodist Episcopal Minister " The Rev. Joseph C. Gardner Sr ., 59", was arrested, " is scheduled to appear in court next month for a pre-trial hearing on charges that he committed two felonies and one misdemeanor when he threatened to shoot a man for parking in front of his house". Well, at least it wasn't a sex crime.

In Virginia, 92-year-old is Lutheran Pastor and religion professor, Guy Ritter., was arrested after being accused of molesting two boys while he was a Reverend at Glade Creek Lutheran Church in Botetourt County. He was also a religion professor at Roanoke College. Apparently the crimes that he was accused of occurred in the 1970s. Is there a statue of limitations?

David Rice . , 55, pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Anniston, Alabama, was arrested and charged with domestic violence for stabbing his brother in the arm and chest." Note there is no mention of the story of Cain and Abel. According to the minister's wife, his brother/victim is mentally ill and has frequent panic attacks.

"the Rev. Reginald Taylor, 46" of the Second Baptist Church on Decatur Street, in Sandusky Tennessee, was arrested and charged with domestic violence after attacking his wife.

Kissimmee Florida Pastor Angel Perez . was arrested for engaging in sexual acts with a 16 year old boy. He Peres is or was pastor at Templo Pentecostal Puerto De Salvation. He reportedly engaged in a sex act with the boy while the boy was sleeping. Perez states the devil made him do it (literally, read the report).

Marshfield Missouri "lay" pastor Phillip Kittrell . , 76, was charged with felony sexual misconduct in the first degree after groping the genitals of an 18 year old employee at a Walmart, and making sexual comments. This was Kittrell's second time, having been convicted of a similar crime in the past. I could not find what denomination or church where Kittrell is a lay pastor, but one report did state his Wal-Mart incident was caught on security camera.

Multiple-talented South Carolina state representative, Ted Vick . , who includes pastor in his resume, was "arrested for driving under the influence and unlawfully possessing a firearm, with a female college student who is not (his) wife in the car." Don't get riled up, he's a Democrat. I kind of like how Vick was described as "Vick is an open supporter of the U.S. capitalist system". This was not from "The Onion". I could not find what denomination he claims.

Colorado priest, Father Charles Robert Manning, was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust. Well, I had to include at least one child molesting Catholic priest.

Rock Hill, South Carolina pastor "The Rev. Kevin Graham McCurry," pastor of Faith, Hope and Love Ministries, was arrested for domestic violence, after threatening to kill his wife and throw her body into the river.

Colorado Baptist youth minister John H. Brothers. Jr., 42, was arrested on "27 charges in connection with the sexual abuse of a child."

Ohio Reverend Dr. Mark Griggs., 50, pastor of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Berea, was sentenced for child porn charges - hundreds of videos and images that had been downloaded to his computer"

Lafayette, Indiana Pastor Robert Lyzenga, 55, faces felony charges of voyeurism in connection with the cameras found at Lafayette’s Sunrise Christian Reformed Church. "a woman found the first camera inside what appeared to be an air freshener when it fell off a stall door." also his story is an internet favorite, having been repeated across many news outlets. Apparently, a minister who installs cameras in lady's toilet stalls is especially interesting.

North Carolina pastor for the House of Mercy, former pastor of the Christ’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Larry Michael Bollinger., 66 stands accused of sexual abuse of minors while on mission in Haiti.

Alabama pastor Clyde David Myers. , 66, who was the minister at Prattville Community Church, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for child pornography charges.

(The above list is from Nexus: A Community of Non theists) .
Harry McCall