American Atheists Want People to Have Sex At Their Conferences

Dave Silverman, president of American Atheists, said: "I want people to have sex at our conferences." Now there's a marketing strategy! Don't miss the next one, okay? Anyone want to hook up there? ;-)

I don't think I've ever heard an organizer of a national insurance conference saying this, or even a national trucker's conference. Surely this statement is a by-product of the pressure coming from the hyper-anti-sexist crowd, something required in order not appear to be against sex itself. Extreme pressure requires extreme statements like these. This alone shows us the extreme nature of the pressure coming from the hyper-anti-sexist crowd.


Rev said...

The reason he feels compelled to say it is that some people, for reasons hard to understand, think that being anti-harassment means that no one can flirt or get laid. Dave's statement is in reaction to the knee jerk misunderstanders, not the "hyper-anti-sexism" crowd.