An Atheist Condemns the Colorado Movie Theater Massacre!

James Holmes allegedly killed 12 innocent people and injured 59 others in a senseless act of violence. My heart goes out to all of the victims including the people of Aurora and the owner of the theater who's business will never be the same. There is a lot of commentary about this tragic incident and its repercussions in our free society. I would like to discuss why it was wrong. Do I even need to say why? Christians claim there is no reason an atheist can condemn such a horrific random act of violence on the supposition we have no objective basis for morality. By condemning this are we somehow acknowledging a foundation for objective morality in God?

NO, a thousand times no!
This massacre was wrong and contemptible for so many purely secular reasons I don't even know why I need to address the question.

The number one reason is that Holmes harmed innocent people who did not deserve to be hurt. This harm was felt by the victims, some of whom drowned in their own blood, and some others who will be irrevocably maimed for life, or psychologically traumatized forever. The harm was felt by their loved ones, the immediate Aurora community, and our whole country as the traumatized survivors live out the rest of their lives. Some of them will be jaded people, prone to depression, one or two of whom may themselves do harm to others because of what happened to them.

This is easy. I condemn such acts because living happy and free from harm in our society is it's own reward. It's that simple. It's that easy. We do not need a God to see this. All objections are at best utter failures. Let's ne'er again hear such apologetical tomfoolery in light of senseless acts of violence like these.