FAQ for the Newly Deconverted

Our mission in this document is to help you find your way out of this darkness and confusion and into a place where you can be happy making decisions on your own, based on reality. It's okay to not believe, as this is the first step in dealing with any loss of religion—merely going back to religion because you feel you have no other choice is no choice at all. This is simply the basis of an open mind. Whether you have recently de-converted completely, are teetering on the brink of losing a religion or have been a non-believer for a long time, these questions and answers aim to give an overview of life without religion for you to consider. It is by no means comprehensive as no single document, or even collection, ever could be sufficiently vast to answer everything. You have entered the world of atheism and rationality; here we'll tell you what's important to us, where we get our morality, and how we face the peer pressure to return to the church. If you do find yourself having to choose between belief and non-belief, you can do so with an informed mind and make a real choice. Link.
I especially liked reading this part:
But what do I do with my tithe money?

For those who come from religions or parts of the world not familiar with the concept, a "tithe" is when a religion requires its followers to give them an entire 10% of their income.

Keep what you need, and give something to a worthy charity so someone else can have a good day once in a while. Think of it as a humanist mitzvah. Remember to do your research and give to a cause that you believe in, or an organisation that satisfies the criteria you want in a charity. Some supposedly charitable groups might not actually use the money you give them for their main purpose. As such, try to go with registered charities that are bound by law to keep everything good and legal, such as by openly publishing their accounts. Give to a small charitable group or a larger organisation at your discretion; they could all probably do with the money and would rarely say no. Still, you have a right and responsibility to know how your money is going to be spent so do some research—don't just blindly drop some cash into a collection tin or pledge to the first telethon that comes up.
In other words, keep tithing.

*ahem* (sorry)

It won't be returned to you tenfold like some preachers claim, nor gain you riches and prosperity like others preach, but you can help support people who help others leave the fold. Place an Ad here at DC if you want. Reach a huge audience. Promote your book, website, or other secular humanist cause. It'll help our common cause and help me at the same time. You can do this.

If I can earn enough money to blog I will come back with a vengeance (the operative words are "with a vengeance"). I'm trying. I need $500 per month. Again, sorry.