From Christian to Atheist in 28 Minutes

I am always looking for something interesting to watch when I have some down time, and recently came across a documentary site called “Documentary Storm” which has a number of Christian and atheist movies available for viewing free of charge, so I decided to see if I could find something interesting—which I did. The first thing I clicked on was the video “From Christian to Atheist” which turned out to be an amateur video that was relatively well done.

Like many of us, the creator of this video (David Broman) used to be a Christian, but now that he knows the truth, he feels compelled to let others know as well. This is pretty much how I feel, and I believe John, and the rest of the contributors to this blog feel as well. We are not in it for power or glory—but to make positive changes—and these changes can only happen when we realize that the chaos in the world is due to the consequences of human thinking due to the influences of the matrices of religion and economics.

When we realize that prayer does nothing for the victims of starvation, and that women are not lesser beings, and that the tree of life developed via evolutionary processes and wasn't put on earth by some magical man in the sky—we as humans will be much better off. When we realize that education and not religion will lower the number of unwed mothers (85/1000 in the ultra religious Mississippi, as opposed to 25/1000 in the mostly atheist country of Sweden) and birth control will reduce the amount of disease and unwanted children, we will also be better off.

The video goes on to list many solid contradictions that are in the Bible—some of which many may not have realized. It also lists what SHOULD be in the Bible, but isn't. So just in case you decide not to spend 28 minutes to watch the video, you can read the list below:

If the Bible was God's word, what would it say??

1. Wash thine hands before every meal.
2.  Slavery is wrong.
3.  Your wife is NOT your property.
4.  Don't kill people just because they are a different race or religion.
5.  I'm not going to use my magical powers to make your life better. You need to work hard and make good choices.

It may not be quite that simple, but it certainly is a good place to start. There are so many ways our lives would be better without the influences of religion, and this video helps to illustrate that point.