Perhaps Ed Brayton and PZ Myers Should Both Apologize

It's not like I am threatening their jobs, or calling for their resignation from an atheist organization, or saying I won't speak at the same events they do, or refusing to buy any of their books or anything (wait, they didn't write any). But that's what we have seen from a few Freethought Bloggers, including a defense of Greg Laden who actually physically threatened Justin Griffith. You should see what they're saying about me now. They don't even realize that by talking about irrelevancies and/or personally attacking me it does not answer my arguments, which are backed up by a lot of women feminists here, there, and everywhere, who just wanted a chance to speak up, having been frustrated by FtB so far. There is an utter lack of respect for disagreement and a nastiness that goes with it at FtB that disheartens me very much. I wish the more reasonable voices at FtB would teach them a thing or two about critical thinking, but I hope in vain. Many of them don't even understand a simple argument. But these are the kinds of people being attracted by the bloggers there, especially by PZ Myers and Ed Brayton. The buck stops with them. They have created this environment and they owe the rest of us an apology. I don't expect one though, but they should. It's okay to move into the future with welcomed new policies at FtB. But before that they should both apologize to us all.