A Primer On How To Silence One's Opponents

The answer: Shout them down. It's the most effective way. You've been there. In a room of people who all agree against you, one big guy stands up with a passionate speech and makes you feel as if to continue disagreeing is to be rude. We've all been there. But this didn't change our minds, did it? We just sat in silence fearing to buck the consensus because we might be socially ostracized. This is called bullying. That tactic is the one Freethought Bloggers and commenters have used against religion and is now being used against anyone who disagrees with their consensus, the one basically set by PZ Myers. This doesn't change minds either. One of the hallmarks of skeptical groups is that we embrace reason and science. So I have an important question. How is silencing one's opponents in this manner being reasonable? It's a reasonable question. Don't shout it down FtBlgers or you just proved my point, that this is what many of you do. I think the growing backlash against Freethought Blogs is that most of them refuse to reason with those who disagree, and that's not anything I want to be a part of at all, even if they ostracize me. Compared to this I am a voice of reason that the various skeptical communities need. There are many others like me. [Freethought Blogs]