PZ Myers Apologizes!

Yep, that's right, although it isn't exactly what some people had demanded. Below is PZ's video response to Thunderf00t explaining why he was kicked off Freethought Blogs. Then Thunderf00t responded. I think this whole episode is over. People can make up their own minds about it. But it illustrates something very important about what people do when we are emotionally engaged. As far as I know, no one is exempt. These two videos are proof positive that when someone is seen opposing what someone else holds dear, "the critical thinking portion of their brain effectively shuts down," as Kel quipped earlier.

Of course Thunderf00t responded to PZ recently:

From my more objective perspective, since I'm not emotionally engaged with this particular dispute, they both argued fallaciously a few times. PZ points out Thunderf00t's errors and Thunderf00t points out PZ's errors. It's really strange seeing two people who reason so well on most issues doing what the general populace does, but they do, at least somewhat.