Quote of the Day, by sir_russ

During our evolution conversation with The Theist, which can be found here, sir_russ summed up a few salient ideas in this concise quote:
Let me make this as plain a I can: all by itself, evolutionary theory debunks Christianity.

Evolutionary theory tells us beyond doubt that no first humans ever existed. There was no Adam and Eve. There was no original sin. Mankind has not inherited a sinful nature. There was no need for an atonement. So, if a person named Jesus actually existed his life and death were only the life and death of a human being. Evolutionary theory tells us that the Jesus stories as Christian relate in Sunday school are myths, legends and fairy tales.

The science that tells us that evolutionary theory is true also tells us that prayers are not being answered as Christians claim and as Jesus promised in the Gospels. Christian's answered prayer claims are empirical claims which must leave a trail of evidence. But, no such evidence is observed.

Evolutionary theory is just one of the many ideas which debunk Christianity.

I would bet that you don't believe Christianity-specific malarkey anymore than atheists do. If you see a doctor when you're ill, you're admitting your god will not answer your prayers for a healing. If you contribute to humanitarian aid, you are saying that you know your god is imaginary and thus not active in the world. You act on behalf of others because you know your god will not, and never has. You know your god is imaginary just like atheists know your god is imaginary.
From original sin to evolution, from prayer to atonement, the Christian has a tall order to explain, well, everything (in a manner which makes consistent sense).