Quote of the Day, by Thunderf00t *Sigh*

After telling us of the recent developments at The Amazing Meeting (TAM), Thunderf00t says:
I can’t but help feel the skepchick-types REALLY needed something to be offended about, and they defiantly need to be the victims of something! There clearly wasn’t any sexual harassment at TAM, without even a single instance of someone being asked for coffee in an elevator. Then of course TAM had a sexual harassment policy in place. Really what is left for the skepchick-types to get hysterical about? Well, by a T-shirt saying they are “not a skepchick” of course- oh the horror… the horror.

Remember, if you oppose the T-shirt harassment policy at future conferences then you must be a bigoted, rape enabling, misogynistic radical woman hating MRA and you will get called an asshole before getting blocked for being a ‘troll’! --Link.
This skepchick type of insanity must stop, and I say this as one who wholeheartedly endorses feminism. To criticize the skepchick types is becoming equivalent to being "a bigoted, rape enabling, misogynistic radical woman hating MRA." I oppose this cookie-cutter straight-jacketed mentality and I call on all reasonable feminists to condemn it. Kudos to Dr. Harriet Hall for wearing the T-Shirt! She is my hero. She took a stand.