Two Videos of Our World. Which One is True?

They both are! But see the difference for yourselves:

First the wonderful awe-inspiring one:

Then the horrible realities:

What is the best explanation for both videos? Evolution.

The last one was made by Rhetorical Bullshit based on my chapter in The Christian Delusion on "The Darwinian Problem of Evil." Just ask yourselves while watching it: 1) What did animals do to deserve their sufferings? (Hint: nothing); 2) What moral lessons are they supposed to learn from their sufferings? (Hint: none); 3) Will they all be rewarded in heaven for their sufferings? (Hint: What about parasites?); 4) Can a perfectly good God be reconciled with this amount of suffering? (Not a chance!).


Anonymous said...

Like you stated at the end of this, the point for me is not whether the Christian God exists or not, but that assuming " he " does why would anyone choose to believe in an unjust God. By unjust I mean a God who allows evil and suffering because he wants humans to choose " freely " to worship him. Isn't the want or need to be worshipped a pathetic human trait? Like Marcus Aurielius stated you should not worship a God that is unjust! You Christians can have you're God..I'm cool not having anything to do with " him." It amazes me how petty, and vindictive the God of the OT is and even if " he " did exist, why anyone would worship such a being.