An Update On Two Forthcoming Books of Mine

For anyone wanting new information about my two forthcoming books, no matter how meager, here it is. Dr. Randal Rauser and I just finished the galleys for our co-written book God or Godless. We've also been informed Baker Books is making it into an audiobook with Pee-wee Herman as Randal's voice. (Just joking!) It's a really good exchange and I'm happy to have been a part of it. Then too, I've learned Prometheus Books has subtitled my book, The Outsider Test for Faith, with this: How to Decide Which Religion is True. I wanted them to use a different one instead: How to Decide Which Religion is True (If There is One), but they didn't go with it. Their decision was based on marketing I suppose. That's all I've got for now. Both books will be published early next year. Skeptics and Christians will be able to give them to each other for a great discussion. They would also be great as college textbooks in some classes.