Jerry Coyne Is Admirably Tryng to Deal With Christianity

I find Dr. Coyne to be a refreshing alternative to Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers. They're all scientists but Coyne is actually trying to understand Christian theology and reach out across this great divide of ours. Victor Stenger and Michael Shermer do likewise. We need more scientists like them. Stenger and Shermer have both recommended my works. Now Coyne does too. He wrote:
I want to give two thumbs up to John Loftus’s book, Why I Became an Atheist. Despite its title, it’s far more than the story of Loftus’s journey from Christian minister to outspoken atheist. It’s really a thoughtful and well-documented dissection of religious arguments and theological claims. And there are two nice chapters on the “problem of suffering,” in which Loftus takes on and destroys the pathetic arguments offered by the faithful for why a good and powerful God allows gratuitous suffering. Link