Was Jesus a Man of Science?

Yesterday a thunderstorm got us. You've seen them approaching. You know their effects. I was thinking as one approached what God had to do with it. No really, what did God have to do with it? At what point did he decide when to send it? Did he violate any known natural laws to do so? Did he make it rain here because of anything we had done or not done? Matthew 5:45 has Jesus, supposedly the Son of a creator God saying, "He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous."

With the rise of meteorology and of modern science how are we to understand this verse? We know what the ancients thought. They thought God literally makes these things happen. Well does he? Then God must continually intervene in the natural order of the world, to send the rain here rather than there. Does he do this? Then the world is full of miracles on a daily basis. If that's the case then we couldn't do any science at all, including predicting the weather. Since we can do science then God doesn't intervene in the natural order of the world. The very basis of science is predicated on a non-miraculous world order. Since science is possible a miracle working God doesn't exist. Scientists do not detect miracles in the natural world simply because they do not take place. This world looks exactly like one without a God in it. And if there is no miracle working God in our world now, then why should scientists think there was ever a miracle working God who created it? This goes for modern medicine too. The very fact that we can do medicine is predicated on the non-miraculous workings of the human body.

Christians have but one lame excuse. They try to save their faith from refutation by relegating God's activity in the world to merely creating the initial laws of nature. This, however, is a deistic god not the Omni-God of Christianity, the one we read about in a canonized set of writings by ancient superstitious pre-scientific agency detectors. Such a God would have been rejected by Jesus himself, as this and many others passages in the Bible say. God is continually active in the world, the Bible says over and over. So doesn't this show us Jesus didn't know anything about science because like other ancient human beings he was a child of his times? I think so, most emphatically.