A Note On the Bible and the Kingships of God and Jesus

{I’m working on a major post on the why the Bible cannot be trusted as either history or theology (complete with footnotes) which I hope to post within the week.}

With just the simplest reading of the Bible, we find that both God and Jesus are depicted as kings. That is, while they maybe divine, they rule as earthly kings just as the pharaohs of Egypt or the emperors of Rome ruled with absolute power and fear. Since the professional scribes of the Biblical world did not know of any other rule, plus the fact that religion was used to support imperial dictatorships, all ancient rulers were appoint by some King God (be it he Yahweh, Zeus, or Aten) to function as an extension of their God King. So to it was for even Paul and his justification of the divine rule of the Roman Emperor in Romans 13. Likewise in the final book of the Christian Bible (Revelation), the kingship of God and the kingship of Satan clash in one final battle over who will rule humanity as the last and eternal dictator.

Thus, since the Bible has no comprehension of modern democracy where people really do have “Free Will”,but one where religious humanity is given a tyrannical choice: Obey the kingship of God or be severely punished! Sadly, this concept of God as king and absolute ruler in Judaism, Christianity and Islam has left the modern religious Near Eastern nations under dictatorships since their (Judeo-Christian based) Islamic text knows of no other rule. (The exceptions here are both Israel and Turkey which - like the Constitutional goverment of the United States - seperates religion and state).

Both the United States government and modern critical Biblical scholarship totally reject this “King God” / “King Jesus” scriptural demand as inhumane having no place in a modern world that cares more for basic human needs than religion (which is ONLY concerned about God as king). As such, while both the United Nations and religious organizations may supply needed relief to stricken nations, the U.N. (like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) does so out of concern for humanity and not to ultimately use food and shelter as a way to evangelize (mentally conquer) people and bring them under the absolute and a tyrannical rule (do this or Hell awaits) of King God / King Jesus.

While the sincere “Bible Believer” may want to project this antiquated authoritative Biblical rule on today’s modern democracies, the dictatorship of a king - be it either man or God - will NEVER be accepted outside of the dictatorial and tyrannical world (empire) of religion!

Harry McCall