I've Propped Up a Couple of Christian Sites For Too Long

On or about August 14th I ceased linking to Christian blogs in my sidebar. I had done so for years in some cases under the rubric "Sites I Visit From Time to Time." What I didn't realize is that by doing so I was propping up their audiences. I made them more important than they were. And anyone who had anything nasty to say about me eventually congregated at them. The owners of those blogs reveled in their success and learned that by berating me they could get even more hits. So this played itself out over and over until those sites became cesspools of Loftus bashers. Two of them used to be ranked by Alexa at or about the 600,000th mark. Now look at their Alexa rankings, but before you do, let me crow a bit at my absolute power over them. *peep* *peep* ;-)

The Alexa rankings for them both are reflected in the lower right corner, since I have an Alexa toolbar to see whether or not a particular site has much of an audience.

I've snipped enough of each blog that people who recognize them will know which ones I'm talking about.

The lesson? Don't piss off the mighty Loftus! I just feel so good right now I could spit.