So Far So Good, a Review of SBs and a Clarification

Our new Skeptic Blogs Network has gotten off to a great start with 45,000 pageviews in 15 days. This is only the start. We have 13 excellent bloggers and 39 more applicants to join us, some of which are really good ones. In the next couple of weeks or more we’ll have some very exciting news to share so stay tuned, visit often, and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing. We think we’re about to blow the doors off this thing with the changes and explode into your living rooms. Okay, Okay, I get a bit excited. ;-)

People have asked me that since I now blog in two places, at my flagship Blog, Debunking Christianity (DC), and also at Skeptic Blogs (SBs), how do I plan on doing this? We’ll as Tevye says in the Fiddler on the Roof, “I don’t know. But it’s a tradition.” Actually, I have an idea.

When it comes to critiques of Christianity aimed at Christians I’ll post them exclusively at DC. When it comes to anything related to atheists and the atheist community, links to stories of interest, pot shots at examples of deluded believers, and hard hitting critiques of Christianity, I’ll post them as SBs. If I think both atheists and Christians should hear what I have to say I’ll post them on both places. Basically then, when writing directly to Christians I’ll post at DC. When writing directly to atheists I’ll post at SBs. When writing to both groups I’ll post them at both places. Now, if I can just figure out where to do my venting. ;-)

At least for now.

There are other team members at DC who will post something on a regular basis, most notably Harry McCall, and also Dr. Hector Avalos, Joe Holman, and some others to a lesser extent.

I hereby retain the right to amend this as I see fit.