On the Diversity of Perspectives at Skeptic Ink Network (SIN)

One of our aims at Skeptic Ink Network (SIN) was/is to get a diversity of perspectives. One kind of diversity is that we have writers from several parts of the globe.

We're proud to announce that noted activist, commentator and proponent of secularism and free speech in South Africa, Jacques Rousseau, has joined Skeptic Ink. Jacques is chairperson of the Free Society Institute. Read more about Jacques right here.

He joins others.

There's The Prussian who asks the question Are American Atheists Crybabies? ;-)

Avant Guard hails from Columbia and offers insight into the Latin American/Colombian religious landscape.

Reasonably Faithless is an Australian researcher and lecturer in pure mathematics.

The author of No Cross No Crescent was raised in the Islamic world and shares his perspectives on recent happenings there.

Anthony and Linda Cooper hail from Canada and are professors of the philosophy of religion.

Then from the UK there's Stephen Law, who recently had a discussion between himself, Richard Swinburne (philosopher), Peter Atkins (chemist), Ard Louis (physicist), and also Richard Dawkins. The theme was Life, The Universe and Everything – The Quest for Truth

And it's a real joy to have Johnathan Pearse, A Tipping Philosopher, from the UK there as well.

Oh, and we have several of those damned "American crybabies" at SIN too. ;-) Like Ed Clint, a former president of the Illini Secular Student Alliance, along with myself. Plus others. Check them all out.

Beth Erickson, for instance, just recently interviewed Terry Mortenson from Answers in Genesis (AiG) and PZ Myers.