Skeptic Ink Network (SIN) Has Launched Today!

Skeptic Blogs is now the Skeptic Ink Network (SIN). This new platform is much better and versatile, giving us plenty of room to grow with some nice graphics.

SIN already boasts an impressive group of talented writers and we expect to expand considerably. I am there. Dr. Stephen Law has recently joined us too. Stephen is the editor of the Royal Institute of Philosophy Journal THINK, published several books, and is the senior lecturer in philosophy at Heythrop College, University of London. His blog is "Believing Bullshit," which is also the title to his most recent book.

Click around to see the others. In the coming week or two you'll see six new writers. As you can tell I'm very excited about it. Please, everyone, let others know. Tell them via your own blogs, Facebook, twitter, reddit, by email, by horseback, train, space flight, and so on. We need the word to get out. We aim to do this right. Don't forget to subscribe by email at the top of the main page.