The Case Against Miracles (a modern retelling of Hume's famous argument)

This is a brief video explaining why rational people should never believe miracle claims.  Essentially what it boils down to is that you should always believe the explanation with the highest probability.  Since miracles by definition violate the laws of nature, they must have a lower probability than any conceivable natural explanation.  When hearing miracle claims, it is always more likely someone is being intentionally dishonest (lying, joking, exaggerating, etc), or honestly mistaken (were tricked, suffered a hallucination, or simply misperceived or misremembered an actual event), than that a real miracle occurred.  (continued below)
 Given that we have no examples of the laws of physics being violated today (such as people walking on water or coming back to life after being dead several days), the probability of such an event happening based on our background knowledge is virtually zero.  On the other hand, with over 7 billion people on the planet, there are BILLIONS of people who misperceive, misremember, or misunderstand actual events every day, and billions of people who convey false information to others, either intentionally or unintentionally.
So when you hear a report of a miraculous event, remember that it is at least several billion times more likely that you are dealing with one of the things mentioned above, rather than an actual miracle.