Tomorrow I’ll Post My Most Devastating Article on the Bible I’ve Ever Written

I have come across a MAJOR fact that will destroy the Bible’s very foundation as a religious document of truth. In all my 42 years as a student of Biblical history and languages, I’ve NEVER heard any apologist address this fact nor have I ever heard any atheist or agnostic use it! The tentative title is:

When One Major Fact Is Considered, The Bible Must Be Rejected As Both History And Theology,
I personally invite any apologist to prove me wrong as this post will catch most all apologists and believers “with their pants down”! This will not be “my opinion verses your opinion post” (as is most always done in theology), but a hardcore fact of truth! (And I'm not talking about the simplistic opinion that "If there is no God, then the Bible can't be true either.")

(I discussed the thesis of my post very briefly with a Furman University professor last night, and within 15 seconds he said, “That fact is going to hurt a lot of people’s faith!” Well, is the Judeo-Christian religion about truth or not?!)

The post is finished after four rewrites and fine tuning. All I have left is the bibliography and some notes to add. Stay tuned! The post will be up after 7:00 pm as I work until 5:30 pm.