Christian, Why Not Just Shoot Yourself?

[Warning: For the cognitively ill what I'm about to suggest is something only a highly trained professional should attempt, if it should be done at all. Do not try this at home. ;-)]

Christian philosophers and apologists love to speak about several bizarre scenarios when it comes to the limits of knowledge. Is there really a material universe? What if we're dreaming right now? Maybe the real world lies behind a Matrix? What if we're nothing but brains in a mad scientist's vat? Who knows, right? Maybe. So they conclude we all have faith in the same sense as Christians have faith. We believe we are not in an illusory world, dreaming, in a Matrix, or brains in the vat they say, because there is no evidence that can discount these possibilities granting the various scenarios proposed. So therefore, we all believe unevidenced claims in the same way and in the same sense.

However, these scenarios are mere possibilities. Probabilities are all that matter. Faith is unnecessary and superfluous. Let me show this with one simple question. Why not buy a gun and shoot yourself? Why not? Think about this and you know it is much more probable that none of these hypothetical scenarios have the slightest degree of probability to them. So you do abide by the probabilities after all. You know all of these hypotheticals are improbable. Faith is not involved to see this. The improbabilities themselves do. Or, you could test them by shooting yourself. The problem with such a test is that if your aim is good you'll die and never know the result. Others will though.