The Weird and Illogical World of Being a Bible Believing Christian

Hector Avalos and I have been dealing with a person who has totally put aside reality to keep the illogic metaphysical world of Christianity functioning: Meet Howard Mazzaferro

Mr. Mazzaferro, while claiming not to be a Jehovah Witness, will vehemently argue that there is a “God” and that the Jehovah Witnesses are the closest Bible religion in obedience to what this “God” wants above and beyond all the other satanic so called Christian religions!

Howard (in his denial of not being a Jehovah Witness) reminds me of the numerous times a visitor will post an apologetic comment here at DC and qualify it with: “Oh, I’m an atheist.” But then proceed to state his/ her real intent: “But I don’t believe you have proven that the Bible has errors.” Next they proceed to argue for an inspired Biblical text as proof for “God”. (You can read Howard Mazzaferro’s religious rhetoric of the same type in the comment section here .)

From my experience, people are drawn to a religious system because they think its truth can give their life meaning. In the case of conservative Christian sects, they feel this faith system is REALLY what God wants and what God REALLY wants can ONLY be found in the Bible (provided it’s interpreted correctly usually via the sects purified doctrinal system). Thus their Bible sect is the only one led by God while everyone else (all other Christian sects / denominations) are led by Satan. For Mr. Mazzaferro, the Bible makes complete sense when read though the lenses of the Watchtower and faith.

This so-called reality of God talking from an inspired Bible was brought home to me in 1982 when I was an avionics technician at Greenville Avionics which employed a number of Bob Jones University students.

One such student employee (Paul) was a Mission Aviation Major at BJU who attended a hardcore “Independent, Fundamental, Bible Believing, Bible Preaching, Congregational, Missionary Baptist Church” known as Mount Calvary Baptist Church (here in Greenville) pastored and made up of Bob Jones University faculty, staff and students.

As it happened, a co-worker at Greenville Avionics (Bill) got divorced, then remarried and joined a liberal Baptist Church where he taught Sunday school. This really bothered Paul who openly stated to several of us that at Paul’s Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Bill would Biblically be understood as “committing adultery” based on Jesus’ doctrine from Luke 16: 18 “Whoever puts away his wife, and marries another, commits adultery: and whoever marries her that is put away from her husband commits adultery.

Paul dogmatically stated that at his church, Bill would never be given a position of authority (such has teaching Sunday school) while committing his adultery! He said that if Bill was “Saved”, he was horribly “Backslidden” and must repent by going back to his first wife!

After the third time Paul made this statement, I asked him:

“Can a murderer teach a Sunday school class at your church if he repents?” Paul told me that God can forgive all sin and sinners if true repentance is shown; so he replied, “Yes, a repented murderer could have a position of leadership in his church”.

Next I asked why Bill couldn’t also repent and ask forgiveness in his second marriage then hold a position of leadership in his church?

Paul emphatically told me under no condition while Bill was married to his second wife would he be allowed to teach Sunday school in the “sin of adultery”.

Then I asked Paul: Suppose Bill had murdered his first wife and - while in prison - he repented and cried out to God for forgiveness; could he then hold a position of leadership in Mount Calvary Baptist Church?

Paul looked shocked and said he needed time to discuss this with his pastor (also a Bible professor at BJU), and he would give me a solid Biblical answer the next day.

The following day Paul told me, “Yes, as a repented and forgiven murderer, Bill could hold a position of Christian leadership of which being a teacher was one.

A month later, I asked Paul why it was so important that Christians be very strict with a literal Biblical interpretation?

Paul said that this was God’s will for human obedience and that God would never bless anyone or any church which did not follow the direct teaching of the New Testament dogmatically! (Yep, I was setting him up again.)

So I presented Paul with another hypothetical scenario:

If I were in a member of an Organized Crime group (such has the Mafia) and I demanded his church pay for protection or else I would have my men burn it to the ground and I gave Mount Calvary Baptist Church three months to decide: Pay for my protection or loose the church in a fire! What would your obedient Bible believing, God fearing church then do:

A. Over the three months given to decide; would they pray 24 / 7 that God would honor their Biblical obedience by divine protection from my attempted extortion via arson?

B. Or, would they call the police?

Like any good Bible believer, Paul (via his obedient faith and trust in God) really proved my point (as an atheist; yes, I’m envious of his faith and trust to this day). His answer: “We would pray after we had called the police!” Bam! Faith meets reality . . . thank you!

While Howard Mazzaferro is not Paul and the Kingdom Hall is not Mount Calvary Baptist Church, their illogical minds work the same. God (and the Bible) MUST be validated at all cost!