Hey, I Found a Picture of God, No Really!

Let's say you're making a YouTube video about God. Aren't you tired of all those other cheesy pictures to choose from? I haven't seen one yet that truly represents God. So let me introduce you to God. Here's a snapshot of him I took the other day. Want to know what God looks like? This.

Now this is what God looks like!

It's me! *wink* *wink*

Don't believers think God is just like them anyway? We know believers all think their God agrees with them about everything. They create their own religion, their own gospel, and their own God in their own image.

So, if they want to know what God looks like just use your iPad, or look in the mirror and use some special effects. Or, you can think of me!


This picture of God is copyright free for use in your online videos, PowerPoint presentations, and other digital and non-digital media.