I Have A Book Proposal for Any Christian Editor Who Wants to Run With it

I think all educated Christians should read the series of four -five -six views books produced by some Christian publishers, like the 32 Zondervan Counterpoint books, and the 18 InterVarsity Press Spectrum Series Books. I myself have read through several of them. They are very instructive. There are others. In some of them liberals are involved in the discussion like the late John Hick, a pluralist, in Four Views on Salvation in a Pluralistic World,and even an atheist like Robert Price, in The Historical Jesus: Five Views.So here's my proposal. Let's have a four -five -six views book with this as a question: "Why are there so many ways to interpret the Bible?" A proposed title might be this: "Five Views on Why Christians Disagree," or something like that. Then invite me as a contributor. I've written on this issue, calling it The Problem of Divine Miscommunication. If you want to read what I said about it you can read chapter 7 in my book, The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails.If you cannot find four Christian scholars who want to defend just one reason for this problem you could have me write an opening chapter and include several Christian responses, then let me write a final response. Afterward you can invite scholars on both sides to end the book by reviewing the debate. I'm game. How about you?