John’s Top 25 Substantive Posts in 2012

Keep in mind these are chosen from what I wrote, not from what others wrote. In some of them are links to other things I've written on the same topic. For now I’ll just list them in order of appearance.

That Which Disconfirms UFOs From Mars Also Disconfirms God’s Existence

Oprah Winfrey's Half-Sister and The Odds of The Resurrection of Jesus

Ten Reasons Why Most Believers Don't Seriously Question Their Faith

A Reasonable Faith is an Oxymoron

Faith is an Irrational Leap Over the Probabilities

Private Subjective Experience is No Evidence At All: Against William Lane Craig's Inner Witness of the Spirit

Plato's Cave Allegory and Faith

Faith and Reason are Mutually Exclusive Opposites

On The Fundamental Objection to the OTF

How To Destroy Natural Theology in One Fell Swoop

The OTF is the Solution to Religious Diversity

What Would Happen If Christians Went On Strike?

Why Doubt Is The Adult Attitude And How Science Helps Us

Gender Language and the Bible Translation Wars

Emotionally Engaged People Do Not Think Clearly At All

Dissecting and Dismantling Rauser's Definition of Faith

Do You Want to Be a Christian Apologist?

The God of the Bible Knows Nothing About Modern Psychology and Cannot Offer Real Solutions to Our Problems

Honest Evangelical Scholarship is a Ruse. There is No Such Thing!

I Could Conceivably Be Wrong. So?

Christians Are Not Credible Witnesses So Christianity is Not Credible Either

Why Creation Science is Pseudoscience With No Ifs Ands or Buts About It

You Can’t Judge an Argument By Its Conclusion

The Force of the Problem of Suffering vs the Evidence for Christianity

The New Evangelical Orthodoxy, Relativism, and the Amnesia of It All