Welcome to Eternity Christian: What Heaven is Really Going Be Like!

{My first post for DC in 2006 (now revised)}

As a Christian, I heard the Bible verse of John 3:16 run into the ground about how “God so loved the world that he gave His only Begotten Son” to die for us because He loved us so much.
Even Jesus admonished us address God as "Our Father" . . . a loving father in Heaven who forgives us our trespasses (just as we forgive those who trespass against us); a God who provides us our daily bread by sending blessed rains on the fields of wheat. According to Jesus, God loves each of His children so much He will even leave ninety-nine of his sheep (99% of the population) just to hunt for that lone lost soul!

Ironically and horrifically, this love only lasts till death (meaning judgment) at which time our loving Heavenly Father morphs from Jesus’ kindly Dr. Jekyll into a sadistic Mr. Hyde! (A better analogy would be the girl Sybil (as in the academy award winning movie of the same name) whose mother loved her one moment only to beat and torture her next). After all, this is the God who slaughtered whole families in the Bible; not to mention entire cities and nations, plus He drowns the entire world for not meeting expectations. Moreover, God gets to blames His victims eternally as a way to justify and enjoy the horrific gore and suffering He put them though in life.

One might picture it this way:
After death (while atheists, agnostics, plus the Christians who sadly believed the wrong theology are frying like bacon in Hell) all “true” Christians must come into the presence of a God, who (contra to Jesus’ theological philanthropy) functions like a sadistic zombie-vampire creature and - according to the Old Testament - loves both animal and human flesh and blood.

Since the Christian can’t hold up a cross or use Holy Water to ward off God’s monstrous advances, those few Christians selected for salvation must now “plead the blood of Jesus” to compel God to withdraw His evil intent to inflict an eternal fiery punishment on them. Like the Catholic priest on the movie The Exorcist, Christian must plead the blood of Jesus to drive God back.

Here’ the scene in Heaven:
While God is sitting on His Great White Throne snaring and cursing; Christian must quickly atone for him or herself by shouting over and over:

The Blood of Christ Compel Thee! The Blood of Christ Compel Thee!

Now this psychotic God has no option but to cowardly rescind His sadistic damnation intent and let the Christian live with Him and under His control in Heaven FOREVER!

Welcome to eternity dear Christian! (And please keep pleading the Blood of Jesus . . . eternal torment awaits!)

[Note: In an upcoming post, I plan to show how (Biblically) God and Satan are one and the same.]