The Theme of My Forth Coming Post: A Humanly Created Bible Produces a Synthetic God

My last major post dealt with one solid fact; the reality that is there is no book or even a verse of the entire Bible older than 250 BCE. Even though I offered $30.00 as a reward to anyone who could prove me wrong, my challenge still stands as it did was four months ago . . . totally unanswered.

My forth coming post will expose another super weak link in the Biblical chain of faith; one that is avoided like the plague in denominational colleges, universities and seminaries and never discussed in any detail in church literature: Biblical Canonization

In fact, of the three Christian schools where I did my undergraduate and graduate studies, none have ever offered a course dealing with this human process. Truth is, the more conservative the school is, the more this subject is avoided lest God appears to be what he really is: A man made creation.

In other words, the right theological treatises selected; the right (orthodox) God produced, while the wrong theological texts selected, a strange and heretical God emerges. In the end, the Second Temple Period found itself awash in a smorgasbord of theological tracts by which any believer could assemble the God to fit his (or her) needs. Plus, if you didn’t like what you found circulating in inspired books, hell . . . write your own!

Christianity, apart from its personal level of human piety, enjoys life in a vacuum. When students are exposed to the wrong facts about how Christianity was assembled, depression sets in and faith suffers. In light of this, both clergy and parishioners have their faith run aground on the rocks of reality when it is exposed that God's Word was a purely human fabrication!

While there are Christian apologists reading this Preface eager to argue a rebuttal, I will not respond as this is but a heads up on what's coming. It will be at that time - when I present all the facts of my premise - that I’ll deal with objections. Until then, I'll leave Christians with one thought: Can you name one Biblical Book where God clearly stated he wrote it? (Wonder why!)