With Mounting Debt and Declining Enrollment, Bob Jones University is Giving Up on God

Since 1948, the conservative Christian station in the Up State of SC has been Bob Jones University’s WMUU. The station’s call letters stood for World's Most Unusual University.

As the radio voice of Fundamentalism for sixty-four years, the station aired such Christian programming as produced by professors in the school’s Speech Department reading daily from the 120 plus year old sermons of Charles Haddon Spurgeon on a program entitled The Prince of Preachers as well as broadcasting the University’s daily Chapel Hour. Also aired were recorded messages from the school’s Founder, Dr. Bob Jones, Sr. (died 1968), whose uncompromising stand against Billy Graham and any form of Christian liberalism had the station introduce Senior as "God’s Great Warrior for the Faith".

Aside from hours of daily preaching, the only music allowed to be broadcast were sacred Christian hymns, operas and non-rhythm (non-beat) secular / classical music. Major older artist such as Perry Como, Andy Williams and Johnny Mathis were excluded from broadcast as they were not considered to be Christians.

As of December 3, 2012, the message of Gospel Salvation has been replaced with the sounds of Rock Music opening conservative talk host’s shows sponsored by secular commercials blasting from the 100,000 watt transmitter on Paris Mountain atop the station’s 300 foot tower. Thus, the very evils of the modern world that the University so opposed (as expressed daily in the required chapel services for all dorm students) has been replaced with secular talk host whose ideology is that government Conservativism can now save America better the old time preaching of salvation and trust in Christ alone. (Oddly enough, when I was student at BJU in 1972, I was given 50 demerits for listening to Loretta Lynn sing the “Song of Faith for the Day” on Greenville’s Country station WESC.)

Meet the new Plan of Salvation: Bob Jones University Sells 94.5 WMUU