My Companion Book to Why I Became an Atheist is Now Available for Free

I have edited down my book Why I Became an Atheist: Personal Reflections and Additional Arguments,and am now making it available below for free as an ebook. I am doing this for two reasons. One is that since so many others have put good information online for free I want to pay it back so to speak. The other reason is that I am convinced it makes good business sense. Think of it as a pay what you want system, but where you don't have to pay a thing to get it. I’m hoping you’ll donate whatever the book is worth to you (or my work in general). No matter how little or how much, here's your chance. Regardless, I’d be happy if you read my book, like it, and tell others about it along with my work in general.

You can get the pdf Right Here. Happy reading. If you wish, you can donate by using the PayPal button:

I have no institutional financial support for what I do on a daily basis. Thanks in advance for reading my work and for your donations, should you choose to do so. A big hearty grateful THANKS goes out to the few who have done so over the years.