My Interview For An Article On "The Christian Post"

I was asked a few questions for an article by Diana Bridgett on the rise of atheist churches. You can read the result here. Below are the questions and my full answers. I just don't want to waste 'em.

1. Why do you believe that there has been a falling away from Christianity?

It's because more believers are becoming informed. The case on behalf of the Christian faith is abysmal in light of recent Ancient Near Eastern archaeological findings, a heightened sense of civilized morality, and modern science, especially evolutionary science. Then there is the impact of bestselling atheist authors, the rise of the internet, and the acceptability of homosexuality, all of which expose Christianity for the delusion it is.

2. Atheism is becoming more aggressive in action, such as the forming of organizations, blogs churches, etc. why do you think that is?

That's because we're an oppressed and discriminated people who want to associate with others who are like-minded, and who fight for the same causes. There's nothing problematic about this at all. Just test this hypothesis. Go around and tell people you are an atheist. When attending a community function try to get involved by being an openly atheistic person. When you apply for a job do the same. As a reporter do likewise when submitting a piece. When signing up for an online dating service specify that you are an atheist. Do it as an experiment. Write about your results. See what you experience.

3. If Atheism is not a religion, why the need to assemble?

If a religion is defined as a group of people who need to assemble, then in order for something to be a religion it doesn't have to include the belief in supernatural beings and/or forces. What really distinguishes between a religion and atheism is the belief in supernatural beings and/or forces. Atheists do not believe they exist. If you can define a religion without including supernatural beings and/or forces then you have eviscerated the word religion from having any significant meaning.

4. Why do you believe there has been a rise in the creation of Atheism churches?

It's for disillusioned former believers who are nostalgic for their church days and anyone else who needs a sense of belonging. It's to give atheists the chance to band together to fight the harms of religious faith. In previous centuries the path of the atheist was a lonely one. Most of them lived their whole lives without being able to tell anyone they did not believe. So you can imagine the joy and exuberance at being able to find like-minded people and even congregate together freely.

5. What do you say to critics that say that the Atheistic Church mimics the structure of a Christian Church?

It has nothing to do with counterfeiting something that is real, since any atheist church that is created will largely mimic the traditions of the dominant cultural religion, not just Christianity. An atheist assembly in India will meet in a temple resembling Hindu temples and have some of the same Hindu religious traditions too. This is just what most human beings need when leaving the dominant cultural religion, and so it isn't specific to one of the many different branches of Christianity.


Unknown said...

In Question 2, how is forming organizations, blogs, and churches aggressive? They aren't vigilante organizations. They aren't forced to read the blogs. They are so in so much fear that they are wrong, anything that reminds them of the fear seems like an attack.