Notes For Today's Class On the OTF

Today at 1 PM EST I'm going to Skype with the students in Professor Peter Boghossian's "New Atheism" class at Portland State University. I'm grateful for this opportunity. It's going to be about my soon to be released book, The Outsider Test for Faith (OTF).

I'll probably be referring to the following links so they're numbered below for reference:

1) World Distribution Maps of Religion and Science.

2) The Outline of my book.

3) The Introduction to my Book.

4) The OTF is not hard to understand.

5) The OTF visualized.

6) What is the outsider's perspective?

7) The OTF is for people who really want to know which religion is true if there is one.

8) Should atheists take the OTF?

9) Dismantling Rauser's definition of faith.

10) Why should anyone believe anything at all.