Preface for My Post on Extra Biblical Books Dating From 250 BCE to the 5th Century CE

My forth coming post (ready in several more weeks) will be the most extensive I’ve ever written at DC. I would venture to say that most Christians (who have their theology limited by the orthodox term canon along with a God / theology defined by the popular 66 Biblical books) have no idea of the intense "inspired" scribal activity of this period.

I have three categories done with two more categories in active preparation. The amount of texts gathered so far in this Biblical period now stands at 137 inspired books. (If the 66 canonized Biblical books are added, the number jumps to 218 Judeo-Christian texts. So far, I've found a very active Biblical period).

The textual categories I’ve completed are:

A. The so-called Old Testament Pseudepigrapha: 77 Books (Title, Date of composition, Short Summary, and often citing a characterizing verse)

B. Canonized Books (by default) Listed in the Hebrew Bible: 24 Books (Title and their Biblical reference given)

C. The so-called New Testament Apocryphal Books: 51 Books (Title, Date of composition, Short Summary, and citing a thematic verse)

In active preparation:

A. The Dead Sea Scrolls (250 BCE – 1st Century CE): This section will consist of Rule Books, Pesharims (Books on Biblical Interpretations); Halakic Works; Hymns and Liturgical Works; Eschatological, Apocalyptic and Related Works and Miscellaneous Compositions

B. Texts from Nag Hammadi relating to Christianity