An Aging Senior Leader is Apologetically Good for Christianity (Be He God or Man)

In Heaven:

The young hot headed murderous Israelite God of the Hebrew Bible - Yahweh - was replaced by an aged, but stable loving Heavenly Father of the New Testament.

On Earth:

The age of the revolutionary Biblical Jesus at the time if his death (based on an estimated birth between 7 – 2 BCE and death between 30 – 36 CE): 35.5 years old

Cause of death: Violent / Executed

Number of years in ministry: 3 years or less

The age of the revolutionary Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith at the time of his death: 38 years old

Cause of death: Violent / Executed

Number of years in ministry: 13 years

By contrast, compare this with an elderly senior church leader in his final years of life:

Average age of the last 50 Catholic Popes from 1503 – 2013 at the time of their election to the Papal Office: 65 years old

Average age of the last 13 LDS Mormon Presidents at beginning of their Presidency: 77 years old

Conclusion: While it takes a young charismatic and emotional figure to start a religious movement, their demise is due to their increasingly unstable and inflammatory theology. Ironically, the very language / theology that originally drew members into their fold eventually led to their violent execution at an early age.

Reality for any religious sect’s stability shows that the proven track record is that of an aging senior stable leader who is carefully selected by other aging senior stable leaders is the best apologetic protection any sect's religious theological system could have!

Final observation: While both the Roman Catholic Church and the LDS Mormon Church claim have leaders chosen in Heaven by God and lead on earth by the Holy Spirit, a simple review of the facts prove that an old aged dyed-in-the-wool leader is highly less likely to get their religious organization into trouble with either a country’s legal systems or with their own believers.