Christians, Police Yourselves From Liars for Jesus

Can anything be done about this guy Jake on (aka KC_James, Rocky Morrison, Morrison, Goldstein, Anna B., Andrew, and so many other names I forgot most of them)? He targets my books and many of the others I recommend with false and misleading reviews. My publisher says to relax, that controversy sells books. Okay. But he endlessly creates new email accounts and says basically the same kinds of things against these books. Then with other accounts he upvotes them (unless I point it out as I'm doing here). I guess it should be a good thing when I don't recommend an atheist book then, since you won't find him dissing those other books. He stalks me constantly saying practically any lie he can think of. It's one of his missions in life. He told me so in a comment one time. My only conclusion is that he fears me. This is one of the highest recommendations he could dole out. So I say to him in an Elvis voice, "Thank you. Thank you very much." Just see one of his reviews of my new book. He could not possibly have read it. There wasn't enough time. So he's a liar for Jesus. It's Christians like him who have forever destroyed the credibility of the Christian faith (just follow the tag below to see what I mean). He doesn't believe God can handle the arguments himself. God needs Jake you see. Without Jake people will go to hell. It's really pathetic. For all I know his children should be taken away from him if he has any, and if not, as soon as he does, just like these other nutcases. The question is why his faith needs to be buttressed with so many lies? A faith requiring lies should be rejected. It's that simple. It should be a clue to a clueless person like Jake that he is deluded. [Edit: Jake and KC_James are deleting and then re-posting their reviews, even rating them differently, which deletes all down-votes and comments afterward. This is bizarre!]