I'm Going to Change My Focus in the Coming Months

I'm bored. Are you? Why do I keep kicking the dead horse of Christianity over and over and over again? Could very many people sustain such a focus as I have for seven years of blogging? I've said all that needs to be said. Christianity is dead. Those who continue believing and defending it just don't realize it yet, something akin to Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock's classic movie Psycho, who believed his dead mother upstairs was still alive and speaking to him. Oh, it's not like I won't offer links to items that debunk Christianity, and it's not like I won't continue defending my books against attacks, or writing about them. It's just that I need to do something different, otherwise I could get too bored to continue. And it's not like I plan on doing something that far afield since I'll still be writing in areas I have an expertise in. Here is my plan, at least for the foreseeable future:

I have a philosophical and an ethical background at the master's level and taught several different kinds of classes on these subjects at the college level. I just don't write on these topics much. So in order to get these juices flowing again I'm going to deal with some relevant issues: the problem of suffering for the theistic God, the issue of free will (which is one answer to it), and the issue of atheist morality (where it's argued we have no basis for being good).

I'm going to start by reviewing or commenting on the following four books:

I have them. I adjure you to get them if you wish to follow along. When it comes to the problem of suffering, as most of you know, I don't think theistic explanations work at exonerating an omni-God from the massive amount of suffering in the world. I haven't dealt with the problem of free will much before though, only to say that even if human beings have it we don't have enough for God to harshly judge us. When it comes to morality I have weighed in before.

I have not read them yet, although I have read the first few chapters of Jonathan Pearce's excellent book on free will. So I suspect I'll learn quite a bit as I go. I plan on utilizing my philosophical mind on these issues as best as I can. I also hope to learn from my commenters.

So stay tuned. Subscribe by email. Be a follower of this blog. If you do then you won't miss a thing.

First up is the book, God and Evil. I plan on going through it chapter by chapter.